” The longest and best of the film's segments

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cheap jordans online Evil. Among the many, many standout performances by actors whose names you will recognize are those of Zoe Kazan as a woman traveling West in search of romance; Brendan Gleeson as a laconic bounty hunter; and Tom Waits as a grizzled gold prospector in “All Gold Canyon” (based on a Jack London story), a vignette cheap air jordan websites that encapsulates, in miniature, some of the epic themes of the great John Huston film straight from the source “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.”Other less familiar faces who shine include Grainger Hines a spiritual cousin to Sam Elliott opposite Kazan, and Jonjo O’Neill as Gleeson’s bounty hunting partner.Jonjo O’Neill, left, as “The Englishman” and Brendan Gleeson as “The Irishman” in “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs.” (Netflix)It is O’Neill who pretty much steals the show, or at least wraps it up nicely with a ghoulish little bow, in the film’s final chapter, “The Mortal Remains.” The longest and best of the film’s segments, “Remains” situates O’Neill’s dapper Englishman in a stagecoach filled with four other strangers, all under a roof that is also carrying the corpse of an outlaw. As the coach hurtles through the advancing darkness, he regales his fellow travelers with a creepy tale, one that functions as a sort of ghost story (or one that lands with something approaching the force of a shivery campfire yarn).”The Mortal Remains” brings all these tales together beautifully, by which I mean in a coda that is somber and hauntingly unsettled, like the last note real jordans for cheap prices of a dirge cheap jordans online.